Tissue meeting

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Flow2FlowPost-it IdeasListeningTissuemeeting: In simple speak, an interim meeting where we can share and develop half baked ideas with Normann Copenhagen, to get aligned before presenting fully worked up ideas. What is presented can range from a thought on post-it notes to flow-chart to a TV script.


Normann under the skin

Let’s get inspired! Time for a tour of the flagship store on Østerbrogade hosted by the Normann team. What an amazing experience. We all really got a feel for the Normann DNA. Awesome designers, products and atmosphere.

What an amazing store and atmosphere. We all felt very inspired!

After the tour we had an in-depth design brief in the offices of Normann right on top of the store.

The Dream Team

The Dream Team

The Ideation Team from left: Johan (User Experience) // Kristian (Strategist) // Jesper (Front-end Developer) // Mark (Ideator) // Magnus (Art Director) //Not in this picture: our go-to-specialist within social commerce: Jonathan, our go-to-specialist within technical architecture: Nicolas, our go-to specialist within digital marketing: Martin Stahl and last – but not least: Michael Rying, Normann Copenhagen’s Online Brand Manager

In Valtech, we work interdisciplinary in all phases of the process from pre-study to final test and release. We do this, simply to come up with better and more innovative solutions, where all aspects of the project are taken into consideration – from informations architecture, design and usability to final technical implementation and integration to third part systems.


I know you!

Normann Copenhagen has a shop in Copenhagen. It is 1700 square meters of pure design love and we sell both our own Normann products as well as other designers. The shop has won several awards and is in the “must visit” Wallpaper guide. The Normann Copenhagen HQ is located on top of the store which means that everybody interacts with each other. But more important it also means that we “office people” get to meet the real customers every day. We learn how the sales staff work to give them a great experience.

How do you approach a customer the first time, the second time, the third time? A short answer would be that you adapt. You adapt your communication based on how the customer reacts, what you have told him or her before and so forth… just like the shopkeeper did in the old days. He knew you. He knew that you just became a parent and that you therefore needed different – and other products than you used to.

So what does this have to do with eCommerce?

The answer is quite simple. We want to do exactly the same as the old shopkeeper and as the sales staff in our store. We want to adapt our communication to YOU. But we want to take it even further, we want to adapt the communication down to every single Normann Copenhagen product – and which phase YOU are in. We are optimizing to three phases:

  1. First time encounter – which image will make you fall in love?
  2. Interest phase – if you keep coming back to the same product page, how do we optimize the content so it fits your current knowledge.
  3. Owning the product – we know you already have the product, so what text, pictures do we push, promote or tell you about?

You may ask how we know which image will make people fall in love with a product? – the answer is…

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The unique partnership

Normann Copenhagen, Valtech and Sitecore have decided to share blood in a unique partnership. It’s a partnership that sets new standard for working together and the traditional roles “Customer”, “Consultancy” and “Platform provider” are dissolved into thin air.

The partnership is based on pure digital ambition. We want to build a webshop that takes all the good from a high street shop and all the good from an online shop and mix these together. That means putting our minds together and contributing with each of our areas of expertise. The result will be a unique webshop what has few alike.

But the partnership does not end with launch in March 2012. It extends into the coming years where the three parties will follow the results of the initial effort closely, and secure the needed optimisation to generate the desired results. Because at the end of the day…. We want to be judged by our results! And these are all about increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.